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Construction is in our blood, we were raised in the building business.  Our father, Del, was a contractor in both Illinios and Arizona and our grandfather worked in a saw mill.  Some of our earliest memories are of running around on the job sites. Our long history in construction has given us a unique "hands on" understanding of every aspect of building a home. We have dug ditches, poured concrete, hammered nails, hung dry wall, painted and installed fixtures. 

We formed Acklin Brothers Construction in 1981 and have been building beautiful custom homes in the Prescott area ever since.  We are proud of the individualized attention we give each of our projects.  We work very closely with our home owners, guiding them through all phase of the construction with frequent communication and interaction.  One of the unique benefits of our company is that one of the partners will be on the job site during all phases of construction. This dedication to quality workmanship has resulted in outstanding client satisfaction

"I feel so blessed to call this my job. Building someone's dream home has become just as special to me as it is to them."

Gary Acklin

"Building homes is not just my livelihood, it's my passion.  I love working with homeowners helping them turn their ideas into a place they call home."

Glenn Acklin

Our team

Glenn Acklin, Gary Acklin, Julie Acklin and Marcus Acklin

Marcus Acklin - Marcus is our top foreman and has been working with us for 6 years.  After he graduated High School, Marcus enlisted in the Navy.  He served as a Master of Arms in Guantanamo for three years.  After this service, he decided he was ready to head home and   that he wanted to spend the rest of his life working in the family business.  He has a passion for building homes and plans to take over when Glenn and Gary retire.

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