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Happy Homeowners

My wife and I bought our lot in the Cathedral Pines subdivision of Prescott in 2006. We are from Northern California and had choosen Prescott as the place we wanted to live when we retired. In late 2010, we decided it was time to get ready for retirement and start the building process. We visited Prescott and talked with 5 possible contractors. Acklin Brothers was a contractor that was recommended to us by our real estate agent. It was clear after all the contractor meetings that the Acklin Brothers would be our first choice based upon the way they were prepared for our meeting. Their references were impeccable and we were sold. This was a critical choice for us since we would not be in Prescott while the house was beng built and we needed someone who could be trusted in our absence. Other than a couple of short trips to pick out materials, we did not visit the site until the house was completed in October, 2011. Both Glenn and Gary Acklin did an outstanding job on our house and we are totally pleased with everything. And this was not an easy build as they had to deal with a very difficult HOA during all phases of construction. The house turned out beautiful and the project timeline was maintained and the house was completed according to the budget to which we had agreed. Glenn and Gary are both honest and straight-forward guys and that's how they run their business.During the build process, Gary and Glenn kept us totally informed and would email pictures to us each Friday afternoon to show the work that had been completed. Glenn and Gary were always available by cell phone and would respond very quickly to my emails as well. And after the house was completed, the few minor touch-up and cosmetic things were addressed and repaired quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend the Acklin Brothers to anyone who is thinking of building a new home. They are fantastic!

Ken and Jackie Murray


We were very impressed with Glenn's expertise in all phases of the construction.  His honesty, availability, problem solving skills, history and ability to build quality, solid, energy efficient homes set Acklin Brothers above the rest. They are experienced building all styles of homes from, Southwestern to Contemporary.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Rusing 

A Glowing Recommendation​

It is with great pride and gratitude that I write this letter of recommendation for the Acklin Brothers Construction company. 

We bought a very nice residential lot in Yavapai Hills in 1994. This was our dream piece of property that we decided long ago would someday be the site upon which we would build our custom home.  Mary Lynn (my wife) and I are both detailed finance and accounting executives.  As such, we took our time and undertook an exhaustive and thorough research project of evaluating to whom we would place our trust in completed the sophisticated construction of our dream home.  We spent over a year on this research.  Our main criterion were (1) quality of home built, (2) personality fit with ours, (3) commitment to service and (4) ability to deliver what was originally promised.

The Acklin Brothers delivered on all four categories.  Please keep in mind that Mary Lynn and I both have very high expectations of service levels.  Further, Mary Lynn has a commercial property background and her knowledge of quality real estate qualifies her as an excellent judge of work product.  I can state with confidence that Gary & Glenn Acklin both delivered to us a home that we take great pride in and are happy to "show off" to our friends and family.  In fact, we can both easily state that if we had to do it all over again, we would ONLY consider Acklin Brothers for the construction. 

We consider ourselves lucky to have worked with both Gary and Glenn.  This is our most prized asset and we are so grateful to God for not just the Acklin Brothers but all of the sub-contractors utilized by the Acklin Brothers in the construction of our home.

We are especially grateful for Gary. Gary had gone above and beyond the call of duty and we are thrilled to maintain not only a great working relationship but a friendship as well.  His strong sense of character and doing what's right is evident in every area of his work. 

With deep conviction we glowingly recommend the Acklin Brothers for the construction of any home.


Robert and Mary Lynn Vollmer 

The Best


I interviewed several contractors and talked to many people before deciding on Acklin Brothers Construction.  It is a decision I have never regretted. I have found their quality to be second to none.  During the building process and to this day to provide nothing but the best service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a home.

Yours Truly

Seymour Basken


After interviewing four contractors, we wisely selected Acklin Brothers Construction to build our Prescott home. They are experts in the area of custom home building.  They were great to work with – very knowledgeable, resourceful, efficient, friendly, and ready to please. 

Thank you Glenn Gary and crew!

Bill & MaryAnn Orban

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